5 Non-Negotiables for a successful Kitchen Renovation

We understand that everybody has different experiences with kitchen renovation and selecting the best company for the job can seem tricky so we have created a list of non-negotiables to ensure your kitchen renovation is not only simple and efficient but it is a place you can enjoy for many years to come.


It is important to note that in Australia and specifically in NSW there is regulation surrounding licensing for specific projects. In order to operate as a builder, a license is required separate to specific trades eg. electrical, plumbing. In order to operate as a project manager and primary contractor, a license number is required and supplied by the NSW office of fair trading.  This license does expire and before engaging in any work with a tradesperson you can check the validity of the license at:



Although government agencies do their best to regulate the industry it is extremely important to research a specific company based on their previous work and the standard to which it has been completed. Reviews and referrals are generally the most accurate all round summary of a company's performance. Here you would need to look for things like work ethic, quality of workmanship and completion.


A business should be able to supply specific examples of completed jobs to validate their previous experience.

Project Manager

Undertaking a renovation of any part of the home is a huge process. It is important to have an experienced project manager to control the process from start to finish. This experience will ensure nothing is missed and everything runs on schedule. 

A real benefit to an experienced project manager is the contacts and quality referrals they can provide. This saves time and resources to complete all aspects of the project.


A quality kitchen installer will provide all information on insurance and what is covered upfront. A copy of both Public Liability and Workers compensation cover should be presented with every job. 

But most importantly, your kitchen installer should have a genuine concern for your project throughout.

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