Defining your Kitchen style

Have you looked through thousands of articles and been greeted with design terms that just don’t summarise your space, your home or you? The best thing about your kitchen design is that it is unique. The fusion of styles and interpretation of a category creates the character of the space so don’t be afraid to embrace your own style in your kitchen design.

Below are a collection of some of our most recent kitchen renovations, you’ll notice the style has been refined and adapted to suit the needs and personality of our homeowners:


Maintaining clean, uninterrupted lines on a muted pallet

Sometimes less is more, by combining a selection of durable products and additional storage we are able to achieve an understated, classic kitchen that is functional for many years to come.

Increasing storage is achieved with a huge wall of pantry cabinets featuring concealed inner drawers. The sleek minimal design of the joinery is offset by the profound blue feature cabinetry, and really makes the kitchen the focal point of the home.

Doors: 2 pac Taubmans Night Blue and Miss Universe
Benchtop: 20mm Caesarstone Frozen Terra
Splashback: Tile (Stone look) by client


Contrast and colour to create character

Utilising trending styles to create a balance of bold colour and soft texture. Showcasing key features to create a memorable space.

Green cabinetry contrasting with natural timber drawer faces and sleek push-to-open mechanisms results is a functional and perfectly unique kitchen.

Doors: 2 pac Dulux Moorland green 1/2 with Polytec Natural Oak Ravine
Benchtop: 20mm Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo with splash lip
Splashback: 20mm stone lip white and subway tiles with frayed edging.


Feature elements used to complement a muted pallet

A soft reflection of the classic kitchen, highlighting key features and accessories with character.

Maintaining a simple colour pallet and contrasting with key features allows the character to shine in this small space to open it up and implement greater practical storage

Doors: 2 pac shaker Dulux White on White
Benchtop: 40mm Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo
Splashback: Hexagon tile by client


Highly detailed elements to capture the character of the space.

Beautiful and carefully considered, focusing on the history of joinery and utilising texture to create a classic masterpiece

A bright and airy kitchen in Shaker style highlighting the classic features to create a timeless focal point to this home.

Doors: 2 pac Shaker Vivid white satin
Benchtop: 40mm Quantum Quartz Turino, double half bullnose
Splashback: Subway tile by client.