Our Story

Newcastle kitchen renovator who has walked in your shoes

Mick O'Shea,

unity mick

A builder, was renovating his own home with a good idea of what he wanted in his new kitchen, as the space was purposely built with the kitchen in-mind. Time poor he had the “Experts” come and re-designed the space to suit their business model. Phases like “that won’t work” and “you can’t do that” were the least of his concerns once the sales pitches started flowing.  

I was shocked and showed them the door

This problem was nothing more than an opportunity, a few short years on and the Unity Kitchen’s team has grown from 1 to an experienced and dedicated team covering all areas of in-house design, manufacture and installation.

My Desire in business is nothing more than to create a team of elite professionals committed to working together to serve the client and build an environment that supports all involved.

"We believe great business comes from great people and value our staff to ensure they have all the right tools so our client is our number one focus and priority"

His absolute focus is on people, partnerships and process to

  • Run on time
  • Delivered on budget
  • You are kept in the loop always.
  • Exceed your expectations.

A country boy at heart, he is passionate about helping people progress to achieve their best.

The relationship is the start, but happiness the end product of the Unity experience.



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