I modernized my old kitchen

I modernised my old kitchen and kept the memories too

Undertaking a kitchen renovation of any kind is a mammoth task. But when it's a full house remodel and the walls can speak a lifetime of memories from your childhood - the challenge is real.

This is exactly what Robyn was faced with when she recently redesigned and rebuilt a weekender which had been in her family for over 50 years. Sensibly, she turned to the experts for help. Her Interior Designer recommended Unity Kitchens as a great option to breathe new life to the old 80's style kitchen and make it feel more suitable for the next generation of the family.

Robyn saved a gallery of images from Instagram and other custom kitchen design sites and after getting several kitchen renovation quotes from other suppliers she chose Unity Kitchens. Hers was an emotional journey, not just a kitchen remodel. Mick understood and impressed her with his genuine interested nature and his pleasant and patient manner. His flexibility with last minute changes and quality workmanship was also comforting.

"Mick came up with a few good ideas that incorporated my ideas too. His designs modernised the kitchen, but also kept some of the old features which was great."

In the older style kitchen, she loved the island bench, but to put her own stamp in the kitchen, she wanted to reposition it differently to how it had always been. It was the hub of the kitchen where family mingled, and Mick was able to not only enhance its functionality but also merge some old features with the new style and layout so delicately.

Visiting the Unity Kitchens warehouse and watching the kitchens being built was a highlight in the process for Robyn. A visual person, she was also able to see her own kitchen come to life in 3D digitally and on paper. Any changes were no issue and seen instantly.

"He'd say, 'You've got to be 100% sure'"

For Robyn, there's nothing she would change about her new kitchen. The whole kitchen remodel took just a week and what Mick said he was going to do, he did. His forward planning and project management was seamless as was the communication and follow up customer service post installation.

"There's nothing that's not 150% wonderful. The process and result have been a shining light for me…I even loved the singing workmen!"

 – Kitchen Renovation, Corlette

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